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Bekin has a wide range of cabinets for your kitchen, living room and bathroom needs, in stock or available for custom order. To ensure we have the best wood cabinets for customers in Hawaii, we order solid wood directly from North America including premium grade cherry wood, premium grade American Oak, and premium grade Canadian maple.

We use 3/4" solid plywood finish on both sides plus top and bottom. This process makes sure every Bekin Cabinet is strong & durable.

Bekin Cabinets are built to last and we stand by our work! We are know by our customers for quality product, genuine care and great service. What we want to provide is for a better long-term value for our customers. To help ensure this, Bekin uses only solid wood from North America and Canada for their cabinets and avoids old forms of particleboard and pressed wood.


Canadian Maple

It’s one of our top seller, available in three different door style and wide selection of colors. Our Beautiful Canadian maple is famous for it durability, strength, texture and fine grain finish. Come in and see why our Canadian Maple cabinets will make your kitchen a beautifully place to be in.

Canadian Maple Cherry Shaker
Canadian Maple Light Cherry
Canadian Maple Raised
Canadian Maple Shaker

American Oak

With a light grain, our American Oak cabinets have a bit of character and definition. It’s one of our customer favorite choices. Our American Oak wood have a high value, admired for it’s amazing strength, and beauty. The look of our American Oak Cabinets will give you the look of welcome warmth and comfort to your kitchen.
American Oak Raised
American Oak Shaker


American Cherry
Our luxurious rich American Cherry Wood comes only in a Elegant Raised panel door style. Know for it’s deep rich, smooth cherry texture, our American Cherry cabinets will bring your kitchen to a traditional grand appearance.

American Cherry


If you are in the market for some custom work we can work with you. Mr. Wong, owner of Bekin Cabinets, has over 20 years of carpentry/cabinetry experience: we can do just about anything. Bekin Cabinets can modify our high quality in-stock cabinets, special order from our manufacture. We can even do handmade from scratch cabinets right here in Hawaii. If it’s a particular door style, wood type, color or stain just let us know what you want.


Dove White

Light Espresso



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